Inspire Creativity in your Child with Coding

It’s no secret that every genius invention begins with a brilliant idea—one that transcends traditional thinking built upon layers and layers of creativity. Take Steve Jobs, for example, a creative who turned a small company based in his parents’ garage into one of the leading tech corporations today. Or even more recently, the creators of Pixar’s Inside Out, who made a movie with a refreshingly original take on children’s films, enthralling parents and kids alike.

Creativity is an important skill that needs to be nurtured. Parents, including myself, have eagerly signed up their kids for art classes and music lessons, hoping to inspire creativity. But there is a new avenue to achieve this goal that educators are starting to talk about. with technology and computers leading the way, perhaps the wisest approach to inspire creativity nowadays is to teach kids to code. Here are four reasons why coding inspires creativity in your child.

1.    Coding brings imagination to life

Computer programming allows kids to tinker with their imaginations. Anything they dream of—Superman rescuing three princesses in a bamboo forest or Russell Crowe as a gladiator fighting at Stonehenge—is possible in the coding world. And with the right coding tools (fun platforms such as Tynker or Scratch), kids will be even more motivated to bring their ideas to life.

2.    There is unlimited freedom in coding

There are no bounds when it comes to coding. What’s more, the kids themselves are in control of what they want to create, and they are free to explore their own innovative ideas, solutions, and concepts. This allows them to explore new ideas without having their imaginations restricted. Who knows what they’ll create!

3.    Coding prepares kids for a tech-savvy world

The world today is largely dominated by technology. Meeting the demands of a tech-driven society is no simple feat—it requires critical thinking, drive, and most importantly, creativity. Building a robotic arm that aids a surgical procedure or designing the most efficient search engine requires thinking outside the box. Teaching kids coding challenges them to exercise creativity while building a strong foundation for future endeavors, tech-related or not.


4.    Kids can explore creativity from a new perspective

Creativity can be expressed through a multitude of channels: art, literature, music, and dance, to name a few. But the 21st century calls for a new item to be added to that list: coding. Like any other language, it’s a way for people to turn ideas into creations, whether artistically and technologically. Coding can also incorporate creative aspects of visual art or storytelling through animations, game development and more.

Through coding adventures, kids can delve into their imaginations, explore new ideas, and bring them to life. They will be introduced to fundamental programming principles, all while fostering their creative spark. Coding will allow kids to take their positions as the future leaders and innovators. What’s more, coding is fun!