Discover Your Child’s Learning Style

Everyone learns differently. Identify your child’s learning style to broaden their learning capacity.

Child development experts and educators categorize us as having one of three different learning styles: visual learners learn with their eyes; auditory learners learn with their ears; and kinesthetic learners learn through movement and touch. Why exactly are learning styles important? All of us have the potential to learn in each of these ways, but usually one is more dominant and impacts how well we engage, learn and retain new information.

Note that most young children are kinesthetic learners – they learn by “doing” and practicing. As the other two styles strengthen, they may dominate as we grow older. You can engage children best if you match their learning style. By selecting experiences that complement their learning style, you also broaden their learning abilities.

Many teachers integrate project-based learning into the curriculum during preschool and early elementary years, because it accommodates a variety of learning styles. Your child can benefit from this approach if given an open-ended learning challenge (a "project") and encourage them to find their own path to completing it, without parental assistance or guidance. By doing this, you also encourage creativity and confidence as they figure out what they need to do, on their own.