Bring out the Artist in Your Child

Art is an important form of creativity. Teach your kids to channel their artistic expression.

There are so many ways that children can express themselves. It is the foundation for communication and an essential for self-esteem. Once children have acquired the fine motor skills needed to hold a pencil or crayon, channel their creative energy into expressive activities, such as drawing and arts & crafts. Such projects further develop their fine motor dexterity that will also help with writing and other academic areas. Since projects often require basic planning and focus, it will also be helpful when it comes to school work.

Children want and need new challenges to help them develop and build new skills. Making things is a big plus for building self-esteem. They will have pride in something that they’ve made themselves, and the process may spark their curiosity to know or do more.

Give them the tools to express themselves in new ways. For example, look for quality art easels or drawing tables that also double as kid-friendly project surfaces. Find all-inclusive kits that are easy to start and complete successfully and are fun to do individually or with others. For older kids, look for a variety of crafts, science or model-building kits. Experimenting with musical instruments can also lead to original music creation and artistic expression with sound.