Building Blocks Develop Creativity and Motor Skills

Building activities are a great way for kids to create things and discover new skills.

Unleash your children's imaginations, and build on their natural desire to create! Construction play not only offers a creative outlet, but it also develops the logic and spatial relationship skills needed for math, as well as the artistic sensibilities of design and form. When kids successfully build structures of their own making, their self-esteem increases as well.

In a child’s early years, soft or lightweight blocks that stack and topple will provide safe, empowering opportunities to create–and knock down–which is all part of the building fun. While kids are doing this, they develop their motor skills and learn cause and effect relationships. When they are ready, offer early construction sets with blocks that are easy for little hands to put together, with many imaginative building possibilities. Some block sets feature animals, letters and numbers for added learning opportunities. Themed building sets also offer imaginative play opportunities for independent or social play.

When your child has mastered the fine motor skills needed for more sophisticated building sets, try Lego’s, which has a variety of themes. Science kits and arts & crafts offer excellent building and construction opportunities as well.