Introduce Your Child to the World

Encourage your kids to explore geography and cultures.

Broaden your children’s awareness of the world beyond their immediate families and neighborhoods.  When children get to the preschool and elementary school ages, this becomes an important part of the curriculum and is often integrated with many core disciplines.

National and state geography standards require knowledge of geography facts and fluency with map reading. Bring countries and cultures to life with well-illustrated and inviting products that engage children in activities they love while exposing them to the broader world around them. Here are a few ideas to spark their interest in geography.

      Introduce the US and the world with puzzles, wall maps and games that create a fun and memorable learning experience

      Ask questions as you study other countries using atlases filled with pictures and facts about people, the land, and the culture.

      Puppets, dolls and other imaginary play sets with specific themes can encourage integration of multicultural or religious themes into imaginary play scenarios.

      Introduce the sounds of other languages with foreign language song CDs, or games that incorporate the languages you would like your child to learn.