Creativity and confidence lead to innovation. Kids are natural creators. How do you create a nurturing environment to inspire creative confidence? Sometimes when we do less, they do more. 


From the Author:

As a marketing professional for children's educational products who is also a mom, I love the fact that my professional and personal lives have so many intersections.  I enjoy listening to other parents, and in turn sharing my experiences with them.  I gain valuable marketing insights but equally important, tips that have made me a better parent.  

Over the years, I've squirreled away parenting notes shared by others who've traveled the path ahead of me.  Now having reached and passed several child rearing milestones myself, I, too have a sense of what worked/didn't work for my children, and have my own parenting perspectives to share.  Every child is different -- what works for one may not work as well for another -- and a village can provide the individualized resources a parent needs to help every child reach their potential.

If you are a parent who wants a few more "tools" in their toolbelt -- perspectives and inspiration from other parents who have embraced parenting and lived to tell the tale -- Read on!

photo by S. Pellegrino

photo by S. Pellegrino

Jennifer Apy is a parent, management executive and champion for innovative education that empowers kids to discover their passion and leadership potential. As a GATE program mentor and an active volunteer, she has helped local schools adopt extracurricular programs to help students grow, thrive and achieve – coaching children (including her own 3 kids) to set high standards while discovering their unique path. Connect with @jenapy on Twitter and LinkedIn, and Facebook/jendonapy.